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About Work Life Balance Expert, Dr. Serena Reep

Work Life Balance expert

work life balance expert Dr. Serena Reep in Los Angeles with Jack Canfield

Dr. Serena Reep

Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Dr. Serena Reep is the founder and CEO of Transformational Communications. One of Dr. Reep’s core values is helping people build heart-centered relationships in all areas of our lives.

In this day and age where 10,000 LinkedIn connections is a badge of honor and 10,000 Facebook friends define our sense of connectedness, it becomes even more important to re-learn how to connect with our own humanity and create heart centered relationships that go well beyond the utilitarian connections and faceless friends.

Dr. Serena Reep is a Bestselling Author who helps people find the balance between work life and home life. Societal norms suggest that your priorities should be — God, family and work — in that order. But, in reality, most people spend their time in reverse order — work, family, God.

Dr. Reep helps you see that your values and your practice are at odds. .She helps you to recalibrate your view of work and life and replace old assumptions with more thoughtful, natural definitions.

Working with Dr. Reep will free you from the impossible seesaw that only causes frustration, guilt and the general feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm. And, more importantly, it will help you carve a life for yourself that is a true, Authentic Life, filled with purpose and joy!

Serena has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, with a specialization in Social Structure and Personality. Her passion is to transform the dysfunctional relationships that debilitate everyday lives at work and at home, to help people live more purposeful and authentic lives.

She also holds a certification as a PMP (Project Management Professional) from the prestigious Project Management Institute. These credentials provide her the unique opportunity to mediate the often disparate motivations of the employer and the employee helping them work toward the alignment of vision and mission to reach win-win solutions.

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