Stress Management

Guide to Your Physical
and Emotional Health
Stress and Overwhelm have become the hallmarks of Twenty first Century. We take it for granted that this is the price we have to pay for advancement. THIS IS WORNG! We can have a stress-free life and also accomplish great things in life. This course shows you how to make that happen. You will learn the secrets of how to make time management work for you; how to easily conquer stress in your personal and professional life; how to avoid burnout and how to manage difficult colleagues and bosses at work; how to improve your personal relationships so you can have a better quality of life.
This is a 12-week course. You will have 3 weeks – 3 modules of lessons and practical exercises every month. The fourth week of every month is a Q and A session where you can ask Dr. Reep any questions and any problems you face in implementing the strategies discussed during the previous 3 weeks. So, in total you will have nine modules of valuable strategies, tip and tactics for eliminating stress and 3 Q and A sessions to really get the MOST BENEFIT out of the course.