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Angela Jia Kim from “The Savor Show” shares business + life tips.

In this episode of “The Savor Show”, you’ll learn how to have better work life balance . Many people have questions about how to manage work, two businesses, time with your spouse and kids, “Me time” for yourself. In this video, you’ll hear from 2 special guest who explore the topic of having better work life balance.: Jennifer Tuma-Young and Mike Michalowicz of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

You’ll hear them discuss the hot topic of how to keep balance between work, life, personal, family etc. 

So, how do you guys have better work-life balance?

Mike believes there’s no such thing as work life balance, but rather work life integration. He says, in the early stages, there’s no getting around good old fashion hard work. You’ve got to work hard if you want to succeed and he brings his kids to work with him. Eventually, he says, you can systematize and cut back on hours. Jennifer believes “balance is bunk!” as she says and it’s important to focus on what’s really important in the moment, while also making sure family continues to know how important they are.

Having better work life balance isn’t about trying to do everything – give yourself boundaries, know when to say no and prioritize.

Mike and Jennifer offer suggestions to help moms with young kids create better work life balance too. Cut out the fluff and focus on the tasks that will really move you forward in your business. Having work-life balance is about figuring out the things that are really working for you and cutting out what doesn’t.

Schedule your day better so you are spending less time wasting time and getting business done more efficiently. Put hard stops at the end of the day so your forced to get out of the office, this forces you to be more productive during the day. Pull out from your brain and put on paper what is your priority and you will dramatically increase productivity and improve better work life balance!

What do you do to have better work life balance?

By sharing your experience or tips, we can all live a more fulfilled, more productive, less stressed and less frazzled life. So, give me your three best tips to having better work life balance. You can leave a comment below! Here’s to better work-life balance for all!